About Us

After holidaying in North Cyprus for 4 years then moving out permanently in April 2010, we realised that we only ever used the few restaurants and bars that were local to us. Other venues, some even as close as 3 or 4 kms away, sometimes had entertainment or special deals on but normally we never knew about it until after the event.

It was then that we came up with the idea of publishing a monthly brochure for the tourists so that they would know what was happening in and around the area that month. We drew up a dummy layout and showed it to all of the local restaurants and bars and within two weeks had sufficient support to publish the first issue of the Whats on Where in May 2011.

We are now into our 7th year and have expanded well beyond the local area. Its now relied upon by the tourists, majority of the ex-pats and even the English speaking locals!

The amount of service providers that now advertise with us can obviously see the benefits of being in the book. We make sure it is readily available to be picked up in bars, restaurants, supermarkets etc, places where the tourists, ex-pats, holiday home owners etc... tend to visit the most.

The website in summer is now averaging 3,000+ visits/30,000+ hits per month and is ideal for those that are due to visit the island that month so that they can plan ahead.

A search of "whats on where" or "whats on in cyprus" etc..... brings us up number 1 on the massive Google search engine everytime!